What is Common Sense?

The ability to make good decisions

What is Jackfruit?

A good decision!

A jack a day keeps the doctor away

Some of the health benefits of Jackfruit!

  • Cancer Preventer

  • Metabolism Improver

  • Digestion Improver

  • Diabetes Friendly

  • Bone Strengthener

  • Immunity Booster

  • Thyroid Health Balancer

  • Eyes & Skin Maintainer

JACK is old school. And also the new cool

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, a fruit that is older than this proverb and a vegetable that is a hidden gem of India, an all in one ingredient that has stood the test of time even before humans cracked fitness, that’s our Jack!


Jackfruit can never age. It can mold into biryani that’s old school or a BBQ Taco that’s the new cool. It is what you want it to be

Jack’s stacked with your run-of-the-mill vitamins, minerals, protein, potassium, calcium and it lacks the bad cholesterol or saturated fats. Don’t believe it?

Check it out now!

Have one and see for yourself?

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